In November 2016, I unveiled The PhCheese, my current pet project. This blog uses humor and narrative to educate readers about cheese, from cultural information, history, and language to recipes, pairings, and practical tips. As a cheesemonger, I see my most important task (beyond generating sales for my shop) as being a storyteller and keeper of tradition for all cheeses.

Creative writing has been one of my greatest passions since I learned how to form letters on a page. While I produced a handful of solid short stories during my undergraduate career as a creative writing minor at The University of Arizona, my fiction writing suffered under the pressures of graduate school academic writing. Now that I am out of school, I am jumping back on the writing bandwagon. In the coming months, I will be writing and seeking publication for short works of fiction and creative nonfiction.

In order to fulfill the requirements for my PhD in German at the University of California, Berkeley, I wrote a doctoral dissertation. The dissertation is a book-length project that interrogates the role of domestic interiors in Weimar Republic city novels and films set in Berlin, such as Alfred Döblin’s Berlin Alexanderplatz (1929), Phil Jutzi’s Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück (1929), and Slatan Dudow’s Kuhle Wampe oder Wem gehört die Welt? (1932). The project’s literary exploration intersects with a study of New Objectivist and Bauhaus theoretical writings on urban planning and interior design. The final title is “Inside in the City: Domestic Space in the Literature and Film of Weimar Berlin.” The dissertation will be published in an online database in 2018.

Over the next two years, I will be actively working to turn that dissertation into a book for publication.

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